7 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity

7 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity

12 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity

 1. Meditate
Sit. Breathe. Take a moment to be present with yourself, here and now

2.Take time for yourself
Let yourself be. Stop doing. Just for a bit. The world won’t fall apart. Make a cup of tea. Read a book. Get a massage. Whatever feels good to you, go do that

3.Create systems | Life Changing Tips
If you aren’t feeling productive you might need to reevaluate the way you are working. Systemise your home life- washing up, laundry, cooking, and do the same for your work life.

4.Keep a journal
This practice is extremely powerful at unlocking the subconscious mind. You can start with one sentence, then two. Then a whole page. Let yourself free flow onto the page what is in your mind and on your heart. All the unspoken words you hold can find a place in your journal and you will heal by letting them out.

5.Do something new every day
Routines are boring and unhealthy. Doing the same thing over and over again is going to bring monotony quite soon in your life. And it isn’t exciting to be living such a life, right? Try doing something new every single day — it’s actually healthy. Don’t complicate, start with small things like taking a different route to work, having coffee instead of tea, and more.

6.Ditch coffee with green tea and juices
I don’t understand the gratification people get by bragging about their addiction to coffee (or tea). Having a cup or two is fine, but gulping down seven to eight cups of caffeine isn’t doing you any good. To bid goodbye to coffee-addiction, replace coffee with green tea or natural juices. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, they can have powerful effects on your health.

7.Sit up straight
The way you stand, sit, and walk is also a part of your well-being and health care. If you are always slouching or walking like a zombie, you need to take care of your posture because not doing so could result in physical deformities and other health problems. To maintain a good posture, place your body in a neutral position so that your pelvis, trunk, and head are in alignment. It is an optimal position that helps you to work efficiently even for long hours.

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